Kids exercising

MyFitness has become the favourite sports club chain of many people in Estonia. The fitness club in the Viimsi Centre is also full of people who appreciate healthy lifestyles from morning till evening. Until now, young people in the ages of 12–15 could participate in exercise groups in addition to adults, but as of this autumn there are also exercise groups for children between 8–11 years of age. We asked the coach, Liivi Kivimäe, what children’s exercise was all about.


Why has MyFitness included exercise groups for children?

MyFitness has created exercise groups for children between the ages of 8–11 in order to foster a new generation of young people who would love sports and know the correct technique of basic exercises in order to continue with exercise later.


Children’s lack of exercise is a growing problem. Long schooldays and smart devices mean mainly passive and sitting activities. Lack of exercise also contributes to excessive weight, which may later cause various physical and mental health problems.


Regular movement reduces stress for children, makes them happier and guarantees a good night’s sleep. In addition, the habit of regular exercising often carries over to adulthood. Therefor it is important to encourage children to do sports.
Which kind of children is the exercise aimed at?

The exercise is aimed at all children: for those who have prior experience as well as those who have only taken part in physical education classes. Currently there are former gymnasts in the group as well as those who haven’t been very active beforehand. As the exercise classes consist of general physical exercises, they are suitable for everybody.
What do children do in exercise classes?

We are developing children’s stamina, strength, balance, mobility and also train body muscles through playful exercises. For all exercises the main emphasis is on correct technique, which is always checked by the coach. We use various fitness accessories: weights, rubber bands, bars, Bosu balls and naturally our own body weight. We also play different ball, running and movement games.
Can all children handle the exercise?

Definitely! If necessary, we will find an alternative, so exercises can always be done.
What should I be aware of before the workout?

Children’s exercise does not require prior experience, as your wish to exercise is enough. You don’t need expensive exercise equipment, but comfortable clothing. The most important thing to remember when coming to the workout is to be happy, don’t forget your water bottle and comfortable indoor exercise footwear.
How popular are children’s exercises?

Children’s exercises are gaining more and more popularity. By now we have trained together for 1.5 months and we are glad to see that each week new kids are joining the groups.


If you still haven’t found suitable exercise for your child, MyFitness exercise groups taking place in Viimsi can be joined at any time. The first exercise is free for everyone!


Children’s exercise at the Viimsi Centre’s MyFitness take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 15:45. For more information see www.myfitness.ee.