In addition to flowers, spring also makes people blossom – we go out more, pay more attention to how we look and there are also more smiles around. This is also the time when people want to refresh their style and they often go for a new haircut or colour. We spoke to the owner of MAKE YOUR ID at Viimsi Keskus and international hair stylist Igor Zahharov about the newest hair trends in the world of beauty.
According to Zahharov, the most fashionable hair trend at the moment is hair contouring, with singers, models, actors, beauty bloggers and other celebrities sporting the style. At first glance, the secret looks simple: dark streaks in certain places make the face smaller and thinner whilst light shades increase it visually. However, the hair stylist says that achieving an excellent result at home is impossible – the complicated procedure can only be performed by professional hair stylists at top salons, who correct the face visually using innovative dyes.
Embellished hair pins, grips and slides.
There are many events during the spring and summer, and using various hair accessories is an easy way to make your hair catch the eye at all of them. The stylist says that various sparkling hair pins, grips and slides have made it to the top of the list of fashionable accessories, as they accentuate the hairdo and make the wearer stand out in the masses. The art nouveau hair pins of the Brock Collection adorned the hair buns of the models on catwalks and Bottega Veneta’s green hair clips with pearls successfully emphasised flowing pony tails, whilst Bibhu Mohapatra demonstrated beautiful hair grips with butterflies. Sonya Rykiel’s expensive slides stood out perfectly in curled hair, but the Alexander McQueen fashion show, which showcased wonderful punk hair pins and grips with flowers, stars, eyes and chains, proved to be the grandest of them all.
Tiaras and hair bands
The hair magician also recommends tiaras and hair bands – this season, you don’t need to be dressed in an evening gown to wear them. The chic tiaras of Marchesa are like those of aristocratic classics, Moschino offers a rebel approach, Dolce & Gabbana is going for fairy tales while Tommy Hilfiger and Ashley Williams offer a different solution – triangular tiaras combined with baby doll dresses or sparkling ribbons with parkas, T-shirts and other casual clothes.
Men should also keep an eye on hair trends
The stylist says that men are also keeping a keen eye on their appearance. In the new season, he advises them to follow the classic or sporty style. A classic option is a haircut with a side parting, short sides and volume on top. You could also have a ‘puritan’ or shocking haircut. A sporty haircut has been popular for about a decade. This short or slightly longer haircut adds stylish brutality to the face. All you need to change your look is to spike up your hair or give yourself a classic parting.
The ‘naturally tousled’ look is popular with a short cut. Almost all hairdos suit this category. Carelessly tousled hair makes a man look sexier and more mysterious. Don’t overdo it with mousse or gel, as this will make your hair look unpleasant.
The hair stylist also recommends a daring undercut for the bravest men. This haircut is characterised by a shaved back and sides with long hair left on the top. The hair can be shaped into a stylish quiff à la Elvis Presley or tied up in a strict bun. The sides and back are buzzed very short.
Haircare in summer
In summer, our hair is affected by the sun in addition to the wind, so you should give special attention to hair care this season. According to Zahharov, the scalp and hair get a lot dirtier in summer because of street dust, sweat, hair products, etc. This is why you should be smart when washing your hair frequently. Start by choosing a suitable shampoo. The water should not be too hot, but warm and it’s better to rinse your hair with cool, even cold water. The stylist says that cold water closes the hair cuticle and makes your hair look smooth. You should wash your hair when it’s dirty, maybe even every day or every other day. Grease from the skin and dirt accumulates on the scalp and clogs the pores, oxygen cannot get to the hair follicles and they become weak.
Zahharov advises using a hair mask or conditioner after washing. A moisturising conditioner and a nourishing mask should be selected in summer. Waterproof hair products, such as sprays, creams, oils, serums, are also irreplaceable during the hot season. It’s important to protect your hair from the sun – hats, caps and head scarves are fashionable in summer!